K-12 Education System

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46!!! At the present moment, the K-12 education system is a long-term extensive college preparation course. This is largely attributed to the changing demands of society, including increased competition, a deviance from manufacturing jobs to serviced based work, and is generally advertised as necessary for success. Now in order to change a society, the society must change at the individual level. Education provides the opportunity to influence new generations to meet these new demands. Although a formal education is not the only way to learn, pursuing a higher education is necessary to improve the individual and thus society.
One might object here that learning is not limited to a formal education. Jon Spayde argues that ‘genuine education
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In addition to being ‘useful in a practical sense, an education must train the character and the whole person, not just the mind’ (Kagan 145). Here an individual learns grit, time management, and work efficiency, in addition to taking liberal courses in lifelong skills such as communication, human diversity, and critical thinking which will provide the background for them to keen their consciousness in real life. By the same token, education will give the individual ‘a clear conscious view of their own opinions and judgements, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them, and a force in urging them’ (Newman 55). Overall, as a person experiences more, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their beliefs, ideals, desires, and interests. This gives them the depth to comprehend more sophisticated feelings and better express themselves to other people. To take account these small improvements in the individual, the intellectual tone of society is raised as a whole due to education. John Henry Newman points out that although a student cannot specialize in every subject or study available, a normal distribution of differencing individuals will pursue different fields and thus society benefits balance and diversity on the large scale because there will always be people with expertise on a matter available to share their insight. This ability to make well-informed decisions…show more content…
Education is the best method to tackle inequalities and a myriad of issues in society. By increasing the intellectual tone of society at the fundamental level, the 'public mind would be enriched with new perspectives, ideas, and principles’ (Newman 55). Adrienne Rich points out that the past is needed to understand the present, and if the past has only been taught from a majority narrative, the voices of women, minorities, and disadvantaged groups are lost and thus cannot but understood in the current society. This better sense of understand helps formulate awareness to call out tokenism and other injustices in society. As education spreads awareness, awareness defenses justice. This practice of an outsider’s vision can help prevent and detect signs of prejudice that settle in different fields of society. As a result, society will gradually become
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