Argumentative Essay On Life After College

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Yes, College “To go or not to go;” an idea much of today’s society is struggling with, as the thought of college comes to mind. When in reality, there is no choice at all. The answer is yes; go! All people need to further their education and create a better life for themselves. It is such a necessity, one should not even take time off after high school before attending. It is of the best interest of all to be enrolled in college classes as quickly as possible. If one wishes to attain a healthy salary after exploring endless possibilities to allow for a more accomplished opinion of themselves, going to college is the best decision for them. First and foremost, college graduates obtain superior qualifications which leads to greater job opportunities. According to Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney, Presidents of Economic Studies, a person with a college degree is almost nine times more likely to make over $100,000 than someone who possesses only a high school diploma and thirteen times more likely to make $200,000 each year. A person with a degree is more marketable when competing for an employer’s recognition, giving them a better chance of being hired. With this advantage, it is obvious that attending a university is no mistake. Granted that, deciding to go to college does allow one to further their…show more content…
For one to strive for higher goals they must have a sense of reassurance that those achievements are worth the work involved. A definition of “accomplished” is “to bring about (a result) by effort” (Webster). Meaning, no product of success is without effort. College is an exceptional example of working toward an end result. By furthering their education, a person can fulfill a proud opinion of what they have done, for themselves. Being appreciative of one’s own success creates powerful people within modern communities, helping with the betterment of
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