Argumentative Essay On Literacy

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This essay is dedicated to all the parents and future parents of my America. If you have made it this far it is a testament to my purpose of this paper, reading and by extension literacy in general. What this essay will encapsulate is an argument to expose children to as much literature as you can. Literacy is not a heritable trait it has to be learned, as it has been for all of us able to read this. There is an ever-growing pressure in our society that pushes for young men and women to peruse higher education, greater than ever before. In at the core to all of these pursuits of knowledge comes literacy. No matter one’s niche in academics, literacy is apparent in communication across the spectrum. As a prominent literacy sponsor in most children lives, the parent is crucial in providing their children with exposure to reading and writing to build a strong understand on what literacy is and why it is so important to our society. Of course, I will not just be using my own moral compass to enforce my argument, I will be using the unweaving force that is statics provided by the combine work of Bergen E., Zuijen T., Bishop D., Jong P. and their study Why Are Home Literacy Environment and Children 's Reading Skills Associated? What Parental Skills Reveal along with another study form the triad of Jordan G., Snow C., Porche M. Project EASE: The effect of a family literacy project kindergarten students’ early literacy skills. It my expectation my work will resonate a value of pride

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