Argumentative Essay On Liver Cancer

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Like usall Derek’s mom wakes him up and always says look at my pretty blue-eyed boy. On an early sunday morning Derek was getting out of bed and his mom walked and said ‘’ Derek what is that on the right side of your stomach.’’
Then his mom went and called the doctor and they went to the doctor’s office and in it was cold and Derek was freezing and his om was wearing a blue short-sleeved, low neck sweater. Then the doctor Said it was a mass in derek 's liver because he had all the symptoms like wasn’t eating much he was vomiting and was losing a lot of weight very fast and he had a lot of abdominal pain. (‘’Signs and symptoms of liver cancer’’.) So they rushed Derek to the hospital so they can remove the mass before the cancer spreads anymore. If the mass grows any bigger the mass can pop then Derek could die because he would have to much fluid in his body so his body would over hydrate.
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Then they learned the mass had been growing for over a year and it got so big and noticeable that they had to do something. Then his primary care doctor said that he would have the cancer doctor come in and tell you if it was just a little cancerous or a lot then the cancer doctor came in and told him every little piece of that was cancerous and that they found out that it was severed liver cancer and they had to start treatment as soon as possible because this mass could come back at any time and the second time it could be life threatening. So they told him you have to do 6 treatment’s and you have to stay in the hospital to make sure your levels stay stable then your home for a week then come back for two weeks and do that six
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