Argumentative Essay On Locavores

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Being a locavore means you decide to eat locally grown and planted products. The reason that people become locavores is because the think about their health and well being. People who want to become locavores should have an interest in their nutrition in order to not give up on being a locavore. Being a locavore has many benefits for everyone not just the ones who become locavores. Being a locavore is better because the produce is fresher than what they sell in supermarkets. When you purchase fruits and vegetables at a walmart or H-E-B you do not know how long your food has been in a shelf waiting to be packed and shipped to your supermarket. The food that you purchased in a local farmer's market is freshly picked. The food that you purchase in a farmers market is always fresh and safe for you to enjoy. The less fresh that your food is affects not only how good it tastes but…show more content…
Not everyone can drive far away to shop for food. People can go get food that is close to them and it can be very affordable. Becoming a locavore is very healthy for you. Having farmers markets near your is healthy and very safe for you. Farmers market sell a lot of products that you use daily and need. In a farmers market you have reach to needed food and drinks. Eating locally grown food is a lot better for the environment. Organic food is outweighed by the environmental damage. Eating organic is outweighed by the damage that it caused. Supermarkets maybe more convenient for some people. However supermarkets use chemicals to keep their food from looking ugly. Supermarkets use chemicals that alter the physical characteristics of foods. The fact that they look nice does not mean they remain good. Spraying chemicals on food makes them look nice for a longer time but they can look very pretty and actually be rotting on the inside. Therefore, being a locavore is more convenient for everone who both wants to be healthier and get their food
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