The Importance Of Water In Long Island

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Every organism in the universe requires water for its survival. Arguing out that water is good or bad is inconclusive. Water for human consumption is supposed to be subjected to quality tests so as to determine its safety for consumption and usage. A number of water sources around the globe suffer from some form of impurities. This makes it unsafe and unhealthy for individuals to use it. Challenges such as unsafe water, insufficient or the lack of quality healthy water has been an issue which has been extensively solved by a number of societies and nations around the globe. New York’s’ Long Island, water problem is the focus of this paper. Long island obtains its water from three major aquifers which underlie the long island and are premised…show more content…
A growing number of chemicals had been detected on Long Island drinking water. A study conducted by EPA identified water in Long Island had the man-made chemical, 1,4-dioxane. This chemical was observed being prevalent in Long Island water as opposed to other regions around the nation. Its presence in the water sources of Long Island poses a health risk and danger to the residents, since its known to lead to increased risks of cancer in individuals consuming it(Dooley n.p). A survey done on the water of Long Island found out that the levels of 1,4-dioxane were so high in the water supplies, and that this generates heightened risk on the population that consumes the contaminated water. The measurement levels of this chemical when measured in a survey revealed that even though the chemical takes years before its effect is felt in the general population, its widespread presence in the water of Long Island is peculiar and raises a concern and need of addressing this issue from the relevant…show more content…
The strength of communities and societies burdened with problems and challenges, lies in finding sustainable solutions. The long Island water quality problem requires fixing of the known problems. Advocacy for the surrounding industries and manufacturing plants should emphasize on the need of these plants employing clean technologies in their practices (Tchounwou et al. n.p). This means that, the community and the nation at large should implement integrated pollution prevention as well as control directives. Deborah points out, “the assessment of metal pollution is an important aspect of most water quality assessment programs”(Deborah 99). This means that, water assessment programs should be implemented across New York and the nation, so as to ensure members of the public are served with water that is not contaminated neither polluted with any chemical and carcinogenic

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