Argumentative Essay On Love Marriage

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Marriage is the act of individuals getting united in a very close and contractual relation. It is when two different people come together to make a life for both. They have to make adjustments in order to make a happy life with no tension. Additionally marriage is often viewed as a contract that creates normative obligations between two involved individuals. The covenant signed from both sides represents that they will be loyal and consistent to their mutual relationship. The belief of marriage varies in different cultures and in some cultures it is a compulsory act before pursuing any sexual activity. People marry the one whom they fall in love with decided by themselves or the marriage can be arranged and decided by others. Some families…show more content…
Individuals have the full authority to decide for their own life. They have the option and ability to select with whom they want to live a life time with their own will and wish, there is no parental pressure. Similarly, they get a satisfactory feeling that they have chosen their life partner and it has not been imposed by anyone else in their life. Individuals own the sense of achievement in love marriage that they got married to the person that they were craving to get married with so they will be more responsible for the future consequences of their marriage. For example, individuals will feel more responsible in their relationship and solve the conflicts between themselves without blaming families for choosing the wrong person for…show more content…
To some extent this may be true but love marriage couples can uproot the unfair traditions like dowry with their mutual consent because they own the independence to decide for their own and the understanding that has been built up between them can curb this customs among families. Likewise, they have the authority to limit the extra spends in wedding that today causes huge problems. These traditions can even affect their marital life for a long period of time after the wedding and can grow hate in any side toward the other side’s family. In love marriage may couples sometimes do not have families support at their side but they can get along anyway because there is the understanding between them that make both side agree for the little things they own to make a happy and satisfactory life for

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