Synthesis Essay On The Beauty Of Beauty

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Everybody has different perceptions of beauty, but how far will one go to try to meet those perceptions. When do people think that they look good enough? Is it after putting on makeup, or will they continue on and start going further and getting surgery? There are some products out there that they be harmful to your skin. According to Source A, the article from the David Suzuki Foundation titled “Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid.,” they state that, “U.S. researchers report that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors.” The purpose of makeup is to hide any flaws that you may have or to make you feel more…show more content…
They do not know the disadvantages of using the makeup, because nobody tells them. They are told that it is used to make you beautiful, not that a chemical in your moisturizer may cause you to get cancer. All of these ingredients called the “Dirty Dozen” don’t only affect your outer self but they affect the inside of your body too. Most of these harmful products contain xenoestrogen which is any product of industrial or chemical processing that have estrogen like effects. In Source B, a YouTube video titled “Dirty Dozen Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients,” the doctor says, “A lot of the time it’s because we’re developing this toxic accumulation of man-made or synthetic estrogen also known as xenoestrogen. When that happens it can actually deposit into our female predominant tissues or our gynecological tissues and start causing growths to happen. What we need to start doing is avoiding our exposure to those chemical and start flushing them out of our system.” The products that most people use to fulfill their idea of beauty cause health problems. This doesn’t mean to throw out all of your makeup, but what it does mean is to check all of your makeup and see what they rate on the toxic scale and if they are a 4 or about they should be thrown out. The doctor also says you should check your toothpaste or other materials that have chemicals in…show more content…
When people think of spas, they think of being relaxed and getting a facial to make them look beautiful or look younger. But what people don’t know is that paying an insane price for a spa isn’t worth it because the products that are supposed to be making you look beautiful or feel relaxed are actually damaging your skin. Source C, is an image of a woman with a mask on their face. She looks very relaxed. Sometimes people go to the spa to relieve their stress or maybe even to get ready for an event they want to feel pretty for. But by going to the spa, they are paying to put harmful products on their skin without knowing what kind of chemicals are in the products and what it does to their body. Putting these products on every single day, can really damage your skin, but every once in awhile is okay. These products with the harmful chemicals can be very dangerous and unhealthy for you skin. It is okay to wear these products if you’re going to a special event, but not on a regular everyday basis because that can be very harmful and dangerous to your skin and body. There are many alternatives instead of using these harmful and unhealthy products on your skin. You may want to find makeup that is significantly less dangerous and that doesn 't have many harmful chemicals. However, even if there are less chemicals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s
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