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To many people, marbles are toys for kids, but within that small sphere, history, struggles, entertainment, and so much more is withheld. From history to interesting facts, marbles have it all. After all, marbles have fought against time to remain prominent in the constantly moving world and society. To begin, marbles are speculated to have been present almost as long as humankind since archaeologists have found marbles from different periods around the world. For instance, in Austria, archeologists have found white marbles and round pebbles that are presumed to have been used by Palaeolithic ancestors who lived about 2.5 millions years ago. Furthermore, in Egypt, an arch made from stone balls and pillars was found in an Egyptian child’s…show more content…
More advanced toys have surpassed marbles, however, they are still present in today 's society. For instance, in Wildwood, the National Marbles Tournament, which has been present since 1922, is held. In fact, Pennsylvania is a marble powerhouse. Out of the 93 years the tournament has been in place, a total of 72 years have held a Pennsylvania winner. Apart from the contest, there are numerous marble enthusiasts who are willing go out of their way to collect the most extravagant glass marbles. It may seem peculiar to know that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a marble when a pack of them can be bought for $10, but to collectors, it’s all about the quality. Prices for marbles start from $10 and up. Shooters or marble gamers start at $50 and up. True enthusiasts however pay much more. In 2010, a big 3 in. marble was sold for $27,730. In another instance, a Peacock Lutz Onionskin was sold for $13,200. The marble business can be extremely lucrative, as stated by Pennsylvania dealer Elliot Pincus who has been around the world 2 times because of marbles. He stated that some were willing to pay up to $40,000 for the rare marbles. For a small unpopular toy, marbles do seem to have a lot to

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