Argumentative Essay On Marion Jones

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Marion Jones might not be as much of a known name as it was somewhat fifteen years ago. On October 12, 1975, Marion Jones was born in California. Jones knew she wanted to go to the Olympics at a young age. Marion would eventually get her chance to be an Olympian. Although, it might not turn out the way she’d planned. A name that was once considered a hero, would change ("What Makes Marion Jones Run?"). Marion saw a bright future for herself. By her pre-teen years she was already competing in track. Not only was she competing, but she was doing it internationally (“Marion Jones”). She loved track and basketball. Although, most of her basketball career was carried out in school. She had a talent for the game, so amazing that she won the California…show more content…
Her sentencing was set in court for six months. The two counts she earned were to be fulfilled at the same time. One of the only reasons she told the true was that she thought she wouldn’t go to jail, because she didn’t want to be taken away from her children (Kelly and Rao). Marion’s attorney tried to get the judge not to convict her. His reasoning for this was that going from an American hero to a disgrace was punishment enough (Kelly and Rao). According to her judge, Judge Karas, “athletes in society ... serve as role models to children around the world. When there is a widespread level of cheating, it sends all the wrong messages.” Jones informed the court that her trainer started giving her steroids in 1999, telling her it was something else. She continued this use for two more years. She also, admitted that she had been taking the steroid, the clear, during the Summer Olympics. After her convictions, her medals were striped by the U.S. Olympic Committee, meaning it was like she never won in the Games.(“What Makes Marion Jones Run?”). In the spring of 2008 she had to go to a federal prison, one that was located right outside of Dallas, Texas. Even though Jones was in prison, running continued to be a passion of her’s. She would would run on the track in the prison. Cell mates would even watch her. Marion would
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