Argumentative Essay On Mark Twain

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History have shown many rebels fights for what they believed in. They fought for their freedom, their rights, and their dignity. But there are some people who selflessly fought for others, and one of them is Mark Twain. Samuel Langhorne Clemens or Mark Twain was born November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. He is one of the most iconic figure in literary. Besides being famous for his books, he’s also rebellious, writing articles that uses satire to ridicule the imperial system of the US government. Aside from being anti-imperialist, he is against racism, published many books that were controversial because it’s contains racist language although it’s main purpose was to show the life of a boy on a slave state.
When Samuel was 4 years old, his family moved to a nearby town named Hannibal. His father, John Clemens, have many jobs. He often finds it hard to feed the family. When he died, Sam’s mother, Jane Clemens, have to take over the burden. They often lived in poverty. He worked as a printer, a steamboat pilot, and a writer. In 1861, the Civil War started. Samuel joined the Confederate to fight with his friends but then deserted after a few weeks to fight for the North in Nevada with his brother, Orion. Samuel Clemens was against slavery. As stated by Helen Scott “He [Mark Twain] once wrote that slavery dehumanized the slave and made monsters of the slave owner.” (Scott, Helen).
After the Civil War, Samuel Clemens
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In China, Twain’s work have been translated many times and is teached in many schools. Mark Twain is considered the strongest support to anti-imperialism, he even defend the essay several years later with speeches and articles. But his main goal is freedom, freedom for other countries as they fight for them. As one of Mark Twain quote puts it: ““It is a worthy thing to fight for one’s freedom; it is another sight finer to fight for another
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