Argumentative Essay On Mary Maloney

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Mary Maloney is a very loving and devoted house wife and mother-to-be. Though her dream of having the perfect American family was destroyed by the bewildering news of Patrick choosing another women over Mary and their child. Innocent is all Mary Maloney is, due to her indistinct state of mind caused by her heinous husband’s decision to desert her and her child while she is unable to control her emotions due to her being pregnant. Mary is not guilty of murder instead innocent due to diminished capacity. Mary genuinely loved and cared for Patrick and would never intently plan to kill him with hatred. When she returned from the store and saw her adored husband dead on the ground, despite how Patrick mistreated her, “no acting was necessary” when…show more content…
She was forced into submission by the man she devoted her life to. “She stood up ‘sit down’ he said ‘just for a minute sit down’. It was not until then that she began to get frightened. This piece of evidence clearly shows a hostile relationship between Mary and Patrick Maloney. The opposing side of the argument may say Mary planned on the death of her husband though evidence says otherwise. When Mary went down to the freezer she “took hold of the first object she found” displaying how Mary didn’t deliberately grab a weapon to use on Patrick’s death and his actual killing was not clearly thought-out by Mary, proving diminished capacity and not murder. Mary Maloney deeply loved her husband and her child, through Patricks’ violence push her to her limits. No criminal intent was for sought when Mary’s state of mind obscurely went after Patrick. All in all Mary wasn’t in her right mind whyen all of this took place. How would you feel being convicted as guilty knowning you’re innocent? How would your family, loving you so much feel? How about if you had an unborn child? How would this reflect on our justice system? It’s your responsibility of a mother/father as a daughter/son as a living, breathing, feeling, member of this world to realize the innocence in Mary
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