Reaction Paper About Mass Shooting

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Mass shootings are horrific and devastating events. This is considered common knowledge by most people, regardless of varying political views and opinions. Because of this many people have attempted to find the cause of them in an attempt to prevent them. However; many come up with different answers. Most agree that the problem lies with the mental state of the person who committed the crime. Why were they in that state in the first place? Well to put it bluntly, they were in a terrible mental state because they did not believe in the Bible, ergo they did not believe in God, ergo they did not believe that He was their creator, ergo they did not believe that He loved and valued them, ergo they were unable to find worth within themselves. Let…show more content…
The sanctity of life means that all life is holy and valuable. This originates from the Bible. The Bible states that because God (our creator) loves us and finds value in every single one of us we should also love and find value in us and in other people, for all of us are His creation. What does that have to do with mental health? Everything. Because we are fallible humans, we are unable to find value or worth in ourselves and others. However; once one understands that God is our creator and finds both love and value in every one of us, they will also be able to find worth and value in themselves and others. Now imagine if you remove God from that statement. In not believing in the Bible or God, how is one supposed to find value in themselves or other people? According to man, we are all just evolved animals. So if we are all just animals, why does it matter if mass shootings happen in the first place? What value have we lost from it? Why should we care? Once one attempts to take God out of the picture, they will have a huge void in the place of God’s love. Finding no value in oneself can lead to some serious mental issues, combine that with them not valuing human life in general, and one has a recipe for
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