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Heads or tails Medical technology is a broad field where innovations plays a crucial role in the delivery of healthcare. These technologies are evolving at an immensely fast rate, with creating new technologies and updating old technologies. Medical technology is used for Pharmaceutical, equipment such as X-Ray, devices, and medical and surgical procedures. With the help of well-developed technologies, it leads us to have life-changing treatments and cure for patients around the world, however; as a coin have two faces, medical technology also carries both positive and negatives effects. The most effective influences medical technologies have had in medicine extend from better surgical procedure and diagnostic to conceptual diagnostic.…show more content…
These devices not only bring out cure but contributes into the economy by bringing in billions of dollars. It also has opened thousands of doors for new and innovative non-invasive procedures. Diagnostics have never been easier and more precise. Numerous methods of imaging such as MRI and X-Ray help technicians and physicians invade into one’s anatomy without using invasive procedures. The digital transition has improved health care services; it has created easier collaboration between patient and physician. Telemedicine, for example, can be given to patients in need without moving from a certain geographic area, by using electronic records of the patients. Furthermore, technological innovation in medicine helps specialists to conduct better and quality care to their patients and improve health care around the globe. As the advancement of medical technology puts light into plenty of diseases, it also comes with a dark side. Using new and innovative technologies help patients to be treated without using invasive procedure and cure from one end of the world to another. However, these technologies spread out the negative side effects in peoples’ lives. As these devices keep privacy of a patient, it can also be taken away from them using

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