Argumentative Essay On Mental Depression

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Questioning the Incomprehensible Mental illness is defined as health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behavior (or a combination of these) (American Psychiatric Association). There are different types of depression and they effect people differently also. With major depression working, sleeping, eating and spending time with friends and family becomes difficult to do because there is the constant feeling of hopelessness. Seeing that I have family and friends who suffer from depression, I wanted to learn more and see why people who are depressed think the way they do, what goes on inside their head to make them feel hopeless and if medication is the only way to help deal with depression even though for some people medicine doesn’t fully help them. What is the science behind depression and what makes a person’s brain chemistry without depression different from someone who suffer with depression? Overall, I just want to know more about depression and how I can as part of a society bring light to mental illness like depression so it’s not a topic that goes ignored. In the short story “The Yellow wallpaper” how does Gilman express what depression feels like for someone who suffers from it and with the backlash that it had back in 1892, what do people think now about mental illness? While researching about depression and keeping in mind how can I be helpful to my friends and family, what research/sources is there to help me learn more about
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