Causes Of Mental Illness

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As a result of the society’s lack of understanding concerning mental illnesses many teenagers suffer from disorders, which causes them to commit suicide if not given the proper treatment. Mental illness is a complicated concept to understand however it affects millions of people every day. “The term mental illness represents a mental, behavioral, or emotional ailment that causes impairment in functioning an interpersonal relationships and is sufficient enough in duration”(Mullen Crowe 401). When an individual hears someone say the term mental illness they may equate it to someone in a mental institution or someone who is “crazy”. This is a completely stereotypical way to think because mental diseases are much more complicated than that.…show more content…
“Depression can be caused by many things but it is most likely caused because of a chemical imbalance in the brain, or it is inherited, or it is genetic. It can also be because of a family history of depression” (Mooney 45).Discovering more about the imbalances in the brain that causes people to have mental illness helps validate that patients are not “crazy” and it is not all in their head. They do not have to feel like no one believes them because there is scientific proof that they are sick and need help. Understanding the technical side of how people develop mental diseases helps diminish the stigma behind people going to get treated or for people to accept that they have a…show more content…
“In recent years, there has been increasing interests in the influence of individualistic and collectivistic cultural orientations on attitudes toward mental illness. Individualism and collectivism are cultural linked attitudes and beliefs”(Hampton 26).Since the beginning, people with mental diseases have always been treated poorly.For instance they were deemed as witches and killed Now people are treated much better. Different cultures treat mental illnesses differently, and their country’s suicide rate reflects accordingly. In America, even though there are programs to help people with mental illnesses, there are still people that feel the stigma and commit suicide because of it. The feeling that people do not believe when they are told they are sick is not a feeling anybody should have which is why stigma in today’s society affects so many

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