Argumentative Essay On Mental Illness

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As a result of the society’s lack of understanding concerning mental illnesses many teenagers suffer from disorders, which causes them to commit suicide if not given the proper treatment. Mental illness is a complicated concept to understand however it affects millions of people every day. “The term mental illness represents a mental, behavioral, or emotional ailment that causes impairment in functioning an interpersonal relationships and is sufficient enough in duration”(Mullen Crowe 401). When an individual hears someone say the term mental illness they may equate it to someone in a mental institution or someone who is “crazy”. This is a completely stereotypical way to think because mental diseases are much more complicated than that. People who suffer from any mental illness have a lot more deeper struggles going on than people without mental illnesses realize.

Over the past 60 years of research we have discovered a lot of new things about mental disorder and why people get them. : “People in the 1940s and 1950s believed that parents who were emotionally distant, weak, or intimidating played a large role in children’s disorders and diseases” (Cozic 11). Initially people did not know better, and they did not know what to think when it came to mental illness, they tried to blame it on the parents. As scientists did more research they found out that mental illness is caused by many things and is not always related to a parent’s behavior. Learning more about how the
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