Essay On The Mexican American War

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The United States war with Mexico continues to be a divisive topic among many people because of its background. The Mexican-American war was a fight between Mexico and America for land. America’s belief at the time was Manifest Destiny, which meant that they believed that America should extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific ocean. In the end, America benefited from the war and got the land. The United States expanded its size, achieving their dream of Manifest Destiny. Although the United States war against Mexico resulted in the gaining of America’s most valuable land, the war itself wasn’t legitimate because of the revolution in Texas, motivation for superiority, and the U.S. government’s actions. To begin, the Texans began an unreasonable war because they didn’t follow Mexico’s laws and conditions. When Mexico started selling cheap land, they set conditions for the people moving in. The people had to convert to Catholicism, learn Spanish, become a Mexican citizen, and have no slaves. Many Americans didn’t like being told what to do, and disobeyed the rules and laws. In the letter written by Rafael Antonio Manchola, a Tejano living in Texas, about Anglo-Americans states, “they…show more content…
A main piece of evidence supporting that claim is the 16 Americans that the Mexicans killed on supposed “American Soil”. However, those 16 Americans were killed in disputed the land. The land was not Mexico’s, nor was it America’s, it was basically unclaimed. Both Mexico’s and America’s viewpoints on their borders were different, so that is most likely the reason behind the disputed land. Additionally, President Polk knew about the border issues, and expected Mexicans to be there. If Mexicans saw armed American troops in the land, they would think it’s an attack. Even knowing that, he sent the troops in the land, and found an excuse for
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