Immigration Argument Essay

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When people think of the word “Immigrant” usually, they picture a person from Mexican ethnicity. Because society and the most recent presidential election, most people think of only Mexican groups as immigrants. However, from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), the top five Immigrant groups includes Mexico 29.5%, India 5.6%, China 4.9%, Vietnam 3.1%, and the Philippines at 4.4%. The biggest misconception of the word Immigrant is that they only come from Mexico. Society’s connotation of Immigrants is that they are uneducated and illiterate, which is incorrect. The Immigrants that come from China, India, and even Mexico are willing to do the “dirty jobs” of America. When has a white privileged male wanted to scrub the toilets in the local grocery…show more content…
The Immigration Council says that there is “no correlation between Immigration and Unemployment”. What this means is that when Immigration rates were high, unemployment rates were low. This supports the idea that Immigration actually creates jobs. The article also goes on to say “recent immigrants comprised an average of 3.1 percent of the population in counties with the highest unemployment rates. But recent immigrants accounted for a higher share of the population (4.6 percent) in counties with the lowest unemployment rates”. Furthermore, this counters the argument that Immigration lowers American job opportunities. Those who are coming into America are raised in different job markets, so the jobs they are going for aren’t even jobs that Americans are working in. If Immigration creates jobs, lowers unemployment, and apply for jobs natives aren’t currently working, then what is such the Controversy about the subject? All claims critics are saying are automatically disproved by simple statistics. Immigrants who are coming to America to obtain citizenship should be allowed to stay. Simply kicking them out of the country would cause the economy to go downhill and would obviously be hypocritical of America. America is considered the melting pot and if we kick immigrants out of the country aren’t we going against our own
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