Argumentative Essay On Migrant Workers

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Migrant Workers Migrant workers are a vital part of our nation. They are very important to the maintenance of America as well as other companies. Although they do a lot of good things for our nation, they are considered bad. Some people could argue that they are stealing jobs from Americans, and they are getting away with not paying their taxes to help our nation's economy. I feel that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of having them in our country. Migrant workers are people who work under the table jobs for a minimum amount of pay. Most of them don’t have homes. They live wherever there is work and stay in shack like housing. It doesn’t seem like the most comfortable lifestyle but it has certain benefits. One benefit a migrant worker…show more content…
If a contractor or employer decides that they do not want to pay the migrant workers for the jobs that they did, they workers cannot go to the law for their lack of payment since what they are doing is technically illegal. If a worker decided to tell the authorities about their problems of payment with the contractors, both parties involved would suffer significant consequences. Another drawback of being a migrant worker is the benefits or lack thereof. Migrant have basically no insurances. This includes medical insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. Many people may think that this drawback isn’t that significant of a loss in a migrant workers life, but an average medical procedure costs around a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars is not a price that a migrant worker can afford. With a lack of insurances, the average life expectancy for a migrant worker is forty nine years old. In my personal opinion, I feel that the lifestyle of a migrant worker is unfair and not healthy. If it was possible for them to get paid the same amount as a regular citizen, with the same benefits as a regular citizen. Unfortunately they aren’t regular citizens so the lifestyle they live is all they

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