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It looks like her due date is fast approaching!

Last time, actress and movie star Mila Kunis shows off her baby bump with Ashton Kutcher. They're one of the hottest couples in the United States up to date. They were seen in a Dodgers baseball game cheering against the Cubs. As they were on the stadium, they were given the time to go to the middle of the stadium to thank the fans. Their daughter is also with them during the game. They gave their heartfelt speech to the Dodgers fans out there in the stadium with warm greetings. Of course, the fans are going to appreciate about their presence. It seems that the entire family is very happy about their Wednesday getaway. The commitment between Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to each other are absolutely amazing. The fans have seen a lot from the couple, and was met with thunderous applause and praises for their support to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It's simply because they're wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball uniform (top only).

For Mila and Ashton, this is one of the sweetest moments
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This was indeed a sweet one for both of them. They even took a selfie of their own as well. Another sweet moment that they had inside the baseball arena is that Ashton holds Mila's hands at the back. As you can see, Mila wears the #1 Kutcher jersey, while Ashton wears the #2 jersey. Even though that they've tried their best to cheer for them, the Los Angeles Dodgers were beaten by the visitors, 10-2. Overall, it was a great game for both of these teams.

What's really important for the celebrity couple and their daughter is that they're enjoying the game, win or lose. After the game, both of the teams are showing some sportsmanship to them. It's indeed a clean game for both Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sometimes you need to lose the game, and accept it as a lesson to be learned.

Congrats to Ashton Kutcher and Mila
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