Argumentative Essay On Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage Low-skilled workers are steadily pressing to raise the minimum wage, but this would be a disastrous idea. There are many people giving input on why the pay should be raised and saying they cannot live on such a low wage, but the minimum wage is not for someone 's career, it is for people with low skills to get eased into the workforce like teenagers. They do not realize how detrimental a hike in the minimum wage would be on them in the long haul. The people need to be informed on what they are asking for before they get an even worse outcome than before. The people who make minimum wage very clearly express their theory that higher pay will benefit them and show many valid points on why it should be increased. Minimum wage workers work hard and "[s]ince the 1970s, productivity has risen dramatically...[y]et middle- and low-wage workers ' incomes have barely changed" (Dorn). These circumstances make it hard for low wage workers to stay above the poverty line when the average low wage worker makes only $15,000 annually (Dorn). Before inflation, the minimum wage was surprisingly much higher, "in 1968, the minimum wage was close to $10 per hour in today 's dollars" (Dorn). This provided workers a lot more money to live on, while todays workers are forced to rely on things like "food stamps or the Earned Income Tax Credit" (Dorn). While these ideas explained some good points, I still believe that raising minimum wage would be a terrible idea. One of the main

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