Misandrists Research Paper

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Angelique Maysonet
Mr. Wiglesworth
ELA 8 Block 3
March 15 2016
The rights aren't always right
Have you ever been told you run like a girl? Or throw like a girl? ever wondered why females are considered the weaker gender? feminists are the women (and males) who fight for equality between the two genders, that includes pay, the household, stopping street harassment and other issues. Something feminists are confused as, misandrists, they are the complete opposites of what feminism is, feminists do not hate men, and those who believe this must be educated.
The first feminist document was Mary Wollstonecraft’s “vindications of the rights of women (1792)”, but the real change happens when “Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others, in a women's convention at Seneca Falls N.Y. issued a declaration of independence for women, demanding full equality, full educational and commercial opportunity, equal compensation, the right to collect wages, and the right to vote, the movement spread
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These women believe there is not much left to fix, or they are really misandrists in a feminist disguise. The definition of misandrist is “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against men.”, as how this is caused “Misandry is typically an unconscious hatred that women form early in life, often as a result of a trauma such teasing, or boys failing to venerate the girls inherent superiority sufficiently.”, so this might not completely be their fault, but because they take this out on almost every man they meet, it has become a social issue” as far as a relationship with a misandrist will be hard for the guy “Her behavior towards men is arrogant and condescending. If they disagree with her she will call it “mansplaining”, or she will say she feels “unsafe” or “afraid.” She will feel entitled to special consideration she would never grant a man, and when confronted on this, will insist that’s
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