Argumentative Essay On Modern Cars

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Now the cars have more technologies than the ole models. The modern vehicles embedeed with marvellous engineering, but the people might be worried about driving the cars by understanding all of its modern features. The too much techology in new cars can result to be a bad scenario.

According to the recent analysis, many people share their opinion that the maodern cars are becoming too much complicated and making it more annoying in different ways. But the goal is, when you're in a car, you still have to drive it.

The techonogical wonders of the cars make the people very confusing to ride it. You can look at the below points, that can provide you the real information how todays car are super annoying and too complicated.

Overloaded Touchscreen

The touch screen fetaure in cars make it cool, but somtime it can be impractical and
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But the modern cars are excessively communicative means they tell you to fasten your seatbelt, pointing out that you just missed your exit on the highway etc.

They not only inform you, but also ask you endless questions like would you like to raise your temperature? Are you taking attempt to backup? Provide advertorial systems and high-end navigation system is the worst thing that irritate the driver and the back seaters.

Imbrued Cruise Control

Most of the car drivers don't want to use cruise control and they like to use their foot on the brake at all times. In this way, they can sense the control of the car and feel safety. But the new automakers makes the cruise control system too complicated.

Now the adoptive cruise control system uses a radar to monitor the car and regulate the speed of your car to keep it at a pre-set distance. Its sounds like magic for the new drivers. However, the adaptive cruise works in rain and fog condition, but not like the way we are going to use it.

Too Much Seat
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