Argumentative Essay On Modern Day Slavery

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Slavery was abolished in 1865, and yet it is among one of the world’s greatest issues. Is there enough being done that sheds a light on human trafficking? Human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, has always been prevalent since hundreds of years ago. Abolishing slavery did not eradicate the issue; it only made people sweep it under the rug. Alessandra Potenza points out that many people are living under modern forms of slavery today. There are many forms in which human trafficking comes, resulting in a variety of slaves. The most widely known would be sex trafficking, while domestic slaves and forced labor are less recognized. Potenza claims modern-day slavery is more common to the lower class, since those surrounded by poverty do not have the choice to decline a job offer. Human trafficking at its core strips people of their freedom, their rights, and their lives.…show more content…
It is no secret that all of those play a role in the crime. Culture, of course, because crime rates increase significantly depending on location and surrounding areas. Sex, which is a main part of human trafficking, because criminals want someone they will not have to chase after, or court. A slave will always be forced to be there, given no choice. Lastly, gender plays one of the biggest roles. It is known that women have less strength, and criminals understand that. Also, most human traffickers turn out to be men, and they want a woman sex slave. The book explains why human trafficking is such a widely known crime, but few know how to tackle the issue. Although, awareness has been brought upon the crime, no one really knows how to eradicate human trafficking. There are many quotes from outsiders included in her book, and they give their input on human trafficking. Victor, a congressional staff member, said, “Everyone on Capitol Hill knows that trafficking is something that is bad, and that trafficking is modern-day slavery

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