Human Trafficking Issue

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Slavery was abolished in 1865, and yet it is among one of the world’s greatest issues. Is there enough being done that sheds a light on human trafficking? Human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, has always been prevalent since hundreds of years ago. Abolishing slavery did not eradicate the issue; it only made people sweep it under the rug. Alessandra Potenza points out that many people are living under modern forms of slavery today. There are many forms in which human trafficking comes, resulting in a variety of slaves. The most widely known would be sex trafficking, while domestic slaves and forced labor are less recognized. Potenza claims modern-day slavery is more common to the lower class, since those surrounded by poverty do not have…show more content…
Is human trafficking a gender issue? If indeed so, anti-trafficking and gender-related initiatives need occur that help eradicate the gender-based consequences of human trafficking. This draws attention to the people targeted by human trafficking and anti-trafficking parties of the government to look closely at the gender aspects of human trafficking in globalization. Sex slavery is the main area of gender-based issues. It is common knowledge that women are more likely to become sex slaves among men. Leuchtag comments on this issue, and makes an example of a Thai girl. (Leuchtag 10). The girl was more at risk, surrounded by poverty and a foreign country known for human trafficking. Duong raises the awareness to investigate gender related prostitution and human trafficking. It is a fact that women are at higher risk with human slavery. Duong focuses on Vietnam, a ‘hot point’ of human trafficking in some regions. Over ten thousand women are missing from their homes within the last ten years, and most point to human trafficking. (Duong). As a Vietnamese woman and the dean of Gender and Development at Vietnamese Women’s Academy, Kim Anh Duong wants to shine a light on the issue of modern-day slavery. She makes sure to point out that human trafficking is a major issue all around the world, and not just the United States. Most of the human trafficking cases are not frequently conversed about, mainly because no one wants to talk about what happens to those men and women. Debbie Nathan tells of a Kenyan woman that got involved in human trafficking through a childcare job. Nathan goes on to list several feminists’ organizations, trying to push action, and reduce the number of victims of human trafficking.
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