Argumentative Essay On Modern Education

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One thing almost everyone must endure some sort is education. While some may be homeschooled or attend private schools, the vast majority attend public school systems, and in most cases these schools like to report how their students are doing. The easiest way to broadcast their student’s levels of education according to theses school systems is to administer a test to find the standings of the students, but with this current test, there is no way to report such information because the children are all unique in their own way and excel in different areas. While there are those who are out there who are fighting for a change, there are others who are trying to make a difference in other ways. Recently, there has been a cartoon circulating amongst popular social media accounts illustrating the problem in today’s school system. The cartoon has three main parts, the illustration itself, the representation of these illustrate, and the quote that drives the overall theme of a flawed education system home. All three of these points, as well as when this illustration became popular are prime examples at rhetoric as each portion of the cartoon is able to depict logos, pathos, ethos, and lastly kairos. To begin, the cartoon is developed in a way that triggers your mind to relate certain characteristics of this drawing to a childhood classrooms.…show more content…
In summary, this cartoon makes a stance claiming that modern education is flawed because it is unable to accurately report the intelligence of all students. This camin is supported through the use of ethos, logos, and pathos by explaining how each element of the cartoon represents a form of rhetorical appeal. Also, the timing, kairos, of the cartoon enhances the rhetorical appeal to the audience. With these devices the education flaw is so easily pointed out because people cannot be expected to fit the perfect mold that standardized testing creates, but perhaps one day there will be another way for all individual to be
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