Argumentative Essay On Modern Slavery

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“At least 27 million people across the globe are enslaved” (Sterbenz). Consequently, millions of people around the world are being used as property instead of living, human beings. This is a horrific piece of research that shows how our world today is deteriorating. When evaluating how slavery today is more prolific than any other time, one may notice that the different types of slavery, why it is happening, and how to get involved may affect the thinking towards one’s perspective on slavery. The miscellaneous of types of modern-day slavery are the catalysts to the growing business of slave trade. First of all, there are many disparate types of slavery, such as, domestic servitude, sex trafficking, child labor, bonded labor, forced labor, forced marriage, and more. Domestic servitude consists of slaves in private homes forced into serving their masters thinking there is no option to leave, and sex trafficking means women, men, or children being enforced into the trading of the sex industry and held against their will. They are manipulated because they think they have no choice to leave by threat. Forced labor is the unwillingness of human beings forced to work under threats with no pay. Slaves are coerced into work trying to pay a debt, but they cannot leave until the debt is fully repaid. Bonded labor is the most common form of modern slavery in the world today. Children enslaved by either forced labor, domestic servitude, bonded labor, sex trafficking, etc., are becoming

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