Mood Disorder Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…Being sad, feeling “down” or being energetic at short-term periods is just part of being human. However, there is a momentous portion of the population that has disturbances in their mood that are not considered normal. Individuals in this group have what is clinically referred to as a “mood disorder”. In clinical settings, according to Dr. Cheryl Lane, PhD (2013), Mood disorder is the alterations in mood or emotion that affects the perception of an individual about the world. (Retrieved from…show more content…
The degraded ability the victim has to "perform" in these different ranges of his/her life is the root cause of all these impacts. Thus a seriously depressed person will become morose, incommunicative, withdrawn, and unable to participate actively in what is going on. He will often become a "wet blanket", boring out whatever joy there might be in any occasion, and most will agree that they don 't enjoy having this person around. It, therefore, can become a rather heavy burden upon family and friends to have to compensate, on the one hand, for the loss of the "social ' ' contribution that would customarily be expected from the victim in the normal family setting, while at the same time making an extra input of care, encouragement, supervision, and listening to him/her. Dr. Edgardo Tolentino, the professional psychologist, states that “Not because somebody is suffering from some form of psychiatric problem, but they are not harmful. I think that is the first message (to the public) that they are not.” Mood disorder can be treated. identified that there are two ways of treatment: the Psychotherapy and Medication. A treatment that focuses on managing symptoms as well as addressing the psychological issues that may be causing or exacerbating the mood disorder is called Psychotherapy. On the other hand, Medication is the process in which the imbalances in the person’s brain chemistry is being targeted. (Dr. Cheryl Lane, 2013) That is, mood disorder can be prevented with proper
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