Argumentative Essay On Mood Disorder

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Are people with mood disorder harmful to be with? Some people say that they are dangerous individual and should not be friend with them because they have mental issues. Only few believe that they are not harmful and should be treated fairly despite of their psychological illness. After considering both sides of the issue, I strongly believe that people with some psychological disorder like mood disorder are not harmful to be with. Let us first know more about mood disorder. Mood disorder or also known as affective disorder is one of the major psychological disorders. Being sad, feeling “down” or being energetic at short-term periods is just part of being human. However, there is a momentous portion of the population that has disturbances in their mood that are not considered normal. Individuals in this group have what is clinically referred to as a “mood disorder”. In clinical settings, according to Dr. Cheryl Lane, PhD (2013), Mood disorder is the alterations in mood or emotion that affects the perception of an individual about the world. (Retrieved from According to Dennis Coon (2005) and Ann Isaacs (2005), Mood disorders have 5 different types which are; The Major depressive disorder, Dysthymia, Bipolar disorder, Cyclothemia, and lastly Pseudo dementia. Major depressive disorder is defined when at least two weeks of extreme emotional depression or loss of pleasure and activities. When a person has this type of mood disorder, he

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