Argumentative Essay On Morality

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Being moral in a growing and continually changing world is no easy task, especially when there is no specific rules or guidelines to follow. If one were to ask specifically what is morality, Appiah would say that living a moral life is living an “eudaimonia,”(Aristotle) or the idea of highest good, normally translated into “happiness,” or “flourishing” (402). Living a life to the highest good is a very vague answer, considering everyone’s definition of good is different, and everyone has a different view of happiness. These opinions are so diverse because morality is not just one idea, but a mix of ideas that make up each person’s moral values. In these difference in morals, there is bound for someone getting hurt in some way, either physically, emotionally, or even spiritually. Religion has major impact on the morality of everyone, even if that religious belief is no belief at all, that…show more content…
There are many different solutions to overcome the problems that our world is facing today, and it can be very hard to determine which is considered morally best. Not each decision will be morally justified for everyone, as we have a different view on what is considered moral justice. No one can deny the fact that people will get hurt over such decisions, and sacrifices will be made in order for us to do what the people think is best for most. With how strongly religion affects the will of the people, many can be at times scared to speak up and say how you truly feel about a problem in the world. Our problems in the world today cannot be conquered if only a few are strong enough to speak out over many. Morality is a constant negotiation between self and society in what appears to morally justified. Nothing can be truly morally justified for all, but if everyone follows their hearts into what they feel is right, then there has to be some good to come out in the
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