Argumentative Essay On Mum Bett

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At the birth of a nation the United States had over 7 hundred thousand slaves and these slaves would have no rights. Mum Bett was a slave who began to test the slave laws. Mum Bett had heard her masters talk about a new constitution that all slave men were free. She went to Stockbridge where she convinced a young lawyer to help her file a lawsuit. Unlike other lawsuit cases that involve a slave suing his master this one was different. Mum Bett challenged the very existence of slavery in Massachusetts. Her argument was that slavery violated the most basic principle of the American Revolution that all human beings were created equal. Mum Betts argument was very powerful and she won her court case. Mum Betts victory spread across the nation and within two decades every state in the north was on the road to abolishing slavery. This transformation came politically and religiously too. All the churches across the country were proclaiming that all races are equal in the eyes of the all mighty lord and these words spread across the nation.
Richard Allen was a slave who grew up on a farm in Delaware. One day Allen heard Preachers walking by saying that slavery was a moral sin, so Allen made a plan to get his freedom. The plan was to make his master listen to the preachers, so that the preachers can
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Then his wife and children this was the start of the bloodiest slave revolt in american history. The next two days more than 60 caucasian people would die. The salve group will go house to house and kill every man, woman, and child that they can find. The leader of this group of rebels was Nat Turner. Nat Turner was a self-styled prophet who claimed that god had told him to slay his enemies. He also did it because slavery was horrible and he was watching communities being torn apart and he knew that women were being raped. Turner's revolt was ended in a field by a local
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