Argumentative Essay On My Family

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Write Essay On My Family
Essays have always been a challenging task in the life of a student, still it is most commonly used in schools and universities. A student during his lifetime has to write different kinds of essay namely,
• Descriptive essay
• Narrative essay
• Argumentative essay
Additionally, there are other types of essay, which includes essay for admission or an essay to receive a scholarship, which are different from the narrative, descriptive or argumentative essay.
Descriptive essay requires the writer to describe some phenomenon like person, situation, experience, etc.
A narrative essay is kind of a story, which is based on the personal experience. Composing a narrative style provides a chance to understand yourself better.
Argumentative essay requires the writer to research about the given topic. Collection of data, analysis of data and establishing conclusions or position on the given topic.
In universities, students have to write an argumentative paper, whereas in school, students are required to descriptive papers.
Essay asked during the admission process and scholarship are generally narrative in nature.
Following are some tips for writing a descriptive essay on my family
• Take time to brainstorm
It is essential to brainstorm before writing. If your teacher has asked you to write essay on my family, ensure that you write down certain essential points on a piece of paper. Always take time to write down your thoughts and ideas because it will give

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