Reflective Essay: On My Wheelchair

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On My Wheelchair

They had questions and I had my pride. Pride is not always a bad thing. Their question was, how do you think he is going to support a wife and a baby when he is going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life? It is a hard question but it was referred to wrong people. Yes, I didn 't have an answer to that question. Shantell passed her matric, she was eight months pregnant when she got her matric results. I couldn 't manage to complete my matric that year.

But that wasn 't the end for me. Everyone one who thought it was, they thought wrong. I was not losing hope, I wasn 't letting my family down. Disabled or not, I aimed to make my dream to come true. I registered for matric once more. I wanted to be a better man. To
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I get to see face such of Bonolo and Sharon. I dream of having two babies. It serves as a reminder that someone died carrying my baby. And my baby is named after my dead ex-girlfriend. The name of my child will live up to remind me of my mistakes. Shantell kept her work to keep in touch via calls and texts.

It was a good relationship. Something that I had always wanted. She was happy and I was. My grand-ma was my structure. She supported me to stand still, though I was in wheelchair. Damn it gave me a chance to roll around. I adjusted to my condition faster. I started my classes like a regular student. No, I was a regular student.

People gave me tense motion. As I had to deal with people, it was hard for them to accept me for who I am. It was like it is the first time the lived with disable student. I became hot topic for a month and a half. All of my friends were no longer in high school. It was like starting over again. Meeting new people, making new friends and it was hard because of how they look at me.

Books made friends for me. They needed help and they ended up being my friends. I started to have fun again. Shantell 's parents took good care of our child. I became top student fast. Girls were into me again, it was like I visited the past. I made my vows that I will be a good father and lover to
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It is like people were feeling sorry for me. Maybe I did need help there and there, what I didn 't want was a pitfulness feeling. Varsity experience. Shantell was there for me. She came full-time. She was cooking and eating over my place. We shared food for a month.

She was living second floor, it was clear that I wouldn 't make it up there. I felt that old love again. It took a month and few weeks to break it apart. She only come to my room to give me food. We never had time to talk. She came with some guy who I told that they are church mates.

He was good looking guy. He came to me prayed for me. I fell for it, I thought he is one of the good guys. Some day Shantell came to my room. She was holding a bag, it took me by surprise. She saw that I was surprised and she asked me if she is no longer allowed to spend time with her husband.

I welcomed her. It was already late at night. She fell asleep fast. In the middle of the night, she was talking in her sleep. She was talking about her church mate. I woke her up, I told her to sleep well. I didn 't ask her any question. Even in the morning. I thought it was just a

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