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Triston ferguson English 101 Professor Andrea 12/8/2014 Argument Essay

Nasa should be continued to be funded by our tax dollars because, it's inexpensive, it benefits society, and it's safe. Most people believe that nasa, though does interesting things, is not essential to modern america. That NASA is a waste of time and resources. They believe space exploration is a poor investment that we put a lot into and get nothing in return. What they don't see is what goes on behind the rocket launches and space experiments, and how it has a huge on all of us. The space race in a 1960 for example brought forth modern america today. But there are many false accusations today that is preventing NASA's scientists and
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Yes lives were lost through space exploration but that was when space exploration was in its infancy. Space was an entirely new unexplored frontier back then, and because computers were also in its infancy, the only way to explore space was through manned missions. Thankfully today we can send robots to explore space which eliminates the need to risk lives through manned missions, but back then they didn't have that option. There's more technology on your average smartphone than there was to land a man on the moon. Of course NASA was going to trip before it could run, NASA was paving the way for safer more advanced generations in the…show more content…
How we should spend money helping the poor and homeless and not in outer space. What they don't realize is the huge benefit that NASA has on society. So much revolutionary technology that we use today has comes through spin offs from space missions. From the Apollo missions alone NASA has brought forth advanced Home Insulation, water filtration, air filtration, freeze dried foods, hazardous gas monitors, and green buildings. NASA Inventions like the CAT Scan and flame resistant materials help save lives every day. Not only does NASA benefit society through new energy and life saving technology but psychologically as well. The most important product that NASA produces is inspiration. Going places where no man has gone before brings inspiration to the country and the youth. “It inspires people to become scientists and engineers and they are the people who enable tomorrow to exist today” - Neil Degrasse Tyson. A whole new culture is brought forth through NASA a whole new educational surge. NASA enabled people to dream and that itself is priceless.
In conclusion there is no excuse as to why nasa should not be funded. The united states is spending billions on war destruction and not on space innovation. America needs to stop investing on worthless conflicts that kill thousands and more on the Americas future. The distribution of wealth is so off in this country

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