Argumentative Essay On Nelson Mandela

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I am a white man, a business leader in my community in Johannesburg, and I am not a supporter of the apartheid. Apartheid, this policy or system of segregation and discrimination based on race, is simply not the answer to growing a strong society and government. We are fast approaching a new millenium and yet we still live in the dark ages of oppressive behavior within our society. While other countries have moved forward and made progress by desegregating, our nation has continued to fight against strengthening our society by the endorsement of apartheid.
This senseless methodology not only degrades our society as a whole, it also impacts our economic system through work strikes. Bottom line, we need each other. It is 1980 not
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And what of our beloved Nelson Mandela? He directed peaceful, nonviolent acts of defiance against the South African government and even founded a law firm called Mandela and Tambo which provided free legal counsel and representation to blacks. A non violent protester for so many years and then arrested in 1962 for plotting to overthrow the state. He is still in jail today and who knows if we will ever have his leadership again! The South African regime has continued to relentlessly hinder the anti-apartheid movement into the 1980s and were forced to declare a state of emergency just last year in 1986. The government arrested more than 25,000 people and imprisoned them without trial. Censorship regulations prevented local media and newspapers to cover the movements and the government banned all non violent actions such as boycotts and strikes. Police forces were expanded and deployed to poverty stricken areas where they launched operations against anti-apartheid leaders and provoked

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