Short Essay On Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality Net neutrality will only benefit rich businessmen and will not help out the general public. Net neutrality is not a beneficial solution to internet issues because all that will happen is you must pay more money for faster internet, ISP’s, and social media. Net neutrality is basically an idea that some businessmen made up to have people pay for the Internet. It more than likely will not pass through congress because there would be an uproar of people very unhappy. There would be a fast and a slow side to things if you want fast internet you would essentially have to pay more money and if you couldn’t afford to your internet would be slow compared to others. If you have a job that requires you to be online a lot and…show more content…
The outcome of net neutrality is that on churches is the effect on money made by church and some of the funds that will come out to pay it. There would be unnecessary expenses that the church shouldn’t need to pay to keep a church running. They would have to pay for the Wi-Fi at the pastoral for the pastor to look up and work on sermons. That would be more money need to be raised in the church and lees that could go to missions. Businesses would catch havoc especially if you are a small one. Like me I would love to open a little bakery one day also to promote it, email previous customers, to look up recipes, and to tell people about sales. This would be my dream job; to have to pay for all of this would be devastating to my business because I would not be making that money that I could be just for the fact that I would have to pay for the Internet. That is just money out of my pocket and honestly like I have said before net neutrality will not have any benefits to anyone except the promoter of it and the ISP’s. Which is totally not fair at all. Of course business is not fair but that is really low even if I was a business men I would no try to push it just for the fact that I already have plenty of money and why would I try to mooch some more off of the people that give me a job that is just low and
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