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Everyone knows the stereotype of California living, and it is one of the ultimate dreams. If there is one place this dream is a reality, it is in Newport Beach. Newport Beach is located on the coast in Orange County and has ten distinct neighborhoods. With many wonderful attractions, a beautiful view, and a serene vibe, this is the ultimate way to enjoy life. But why just be a tourist? Why not live in Newport? Newport Beach, California caters to a wide variety of lifestyles and will always offer something fun and wonderful to do as a resident.

You can visit the beach and try new activities every time. Ther are so many options. Other than just playing in the waves there are many great spots to enjoy surfing, whale/ dolphin watching, paddle boarding, beach volleyball, sailing, and so much more. With great waves and great beaches, everyone has an opportunity to see the beauty the ocean holds and enjoy it for themselves. There are many public and private beaches to suit one's wants, and many have shops offering lessons and equipment. There are also many shops just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the waves where
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From shipping to shops to boat repair, and more there are many jobs at the harbor. If you don't want to leave the city to work, the harbor is a great option. Boats full of tourists, sailors, and daily catches pull up to the harbor every day. This means that there is plenty to do. If your skill set fits more with a mechanic's job, boats need to be fixed often. If you are more of a sales person there are plenty of opportunities to sell food, trinkets, tickets for rides, and much more. Whatever your skills are, even if it is washing boats, there is probably a job for you in the harbor. Overall, Newport offers a whole array of adventures for anyone young or old. There are jobs and activities to keep almost anyone happy, and with the tight-knit California style community, it is an amazing place to settle

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