Argumentative Essay On News Night

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There are many different ways for news networks to bring information on the most pressing current events to the general public. In the HBO drama series Newsroom, the crew, journalists, and host of News Night, a nightly news program, work together to find the best way to communicate the current news stories to the people. In the second episode of Newsroom, Mackenzie proposes that the best possible form of the argument be presented to the public using good sources and reliable facts, however, this leads to an inevitable disaster on set that would later challenge the validity of News Night. Unhappy with the way ACN and News Night covers the news, MacKenzie McHale, suggests "News Night 2.0", a complete overhaul of the way the news was covered. The news team’s new proposal would become more supercilious with the stories they covered and in turn would disregard the amount of viewers they would reel in each show. Mac states “We don’t do good television, we do the news”. A segment of the show that…show more content…
The best form of argument may not be the most effective way to deliver the news, as Mac would rather speak on the more important issues at hand rather than the more popular current events that would appeal to viewers. The best form of argument had also decreased the ratings on News Night, when they began to focus more on the news they felt was most important rather than the issues such as the oil spill and iPhone prototype that would promote more viewership and higher ratings. In the drama series Newsroom, Mackenzie McHale proposes “News Night 2.0” that called for the best possible argument to be presented to the public. Unfortunately this leads to a disaster on air and a huge drop in television ratings for ACN. It becomes very difficult for the news team to deliver the best possible
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