Argumentative Essay On North Korean Security

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Last year, Research and Research the survey company conducted the survey for South Korean people. They asked about South Koreans security and checked the anxiety about North Korea’s provocation. The research was interesting fully 71.4% people said the Korean security system is very danger and they feel fear about it. As we know, in 2016, North Korea carried out a fifth nuclear test in Hamgyeongbuk-do. And they tested ballistic missiles for many years. As North Korea started the military provocation, many international societies give remanufacture to them. But, North Korea did it in and out of season. Therefore, the government of South Korea considers a many countermeasures. The THAAD is one of them. Technically, the definition of THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is “capability to defend against short and medium range ballistic missiles.” So in plain language, it is a military weapon to protect ballistic missiles. It can't…show more content…
The most supported argument is THAAD can protect South Korean territories whether it is wrong or right. It’s very persuasive argument because it is axiomatic that South Korea is armistice nation and the military provocations such as nuclear experiments are continued in North Korea. South Korean nations usually get feared about it and the necessity of protect our nation is our one of a primary task. In this perspective, the THAAD can protect the nations to some degree. Moreover, through the THAAD we can protect a United States Forces in Korea and its weapons. These weapons and USFK are surely important in wartime situations. Today, many nations focus on increase an arms budget. According to International Institute for Strategic Studies, the rate of increase of arms budget was 5.3% in Asia and it was higher than world average 4.9%. Some South Korean nations and experiments suggest and warned that close military preparation for protect our nation is most serious thing in this

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