Essay On Provocation In South Korea

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Last year, Research and Research the survey company conducted the survey for South Korean people. They asked about South Koreans security and checked the anxiety about North Korea’s provocation. The research was interesting fully 71.4% people said the Korean security system is very danger and they feel fear about it. As we know, in 2016, North Korea carried out a fifth nuclear test in Hamgyeongbuk-do. And they tested ballistic missiles for many years. As North Korea started the military provocation, many international societies give remanufacture to them. But, North Korea did it in and out of season. Therefore, the government of South Korea considers a many countermeasures. The THAAD is one of them. Technically, the definition of THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is “capability to defend against short and medium range ballistic missiles.” So in plain language, it is a military weapon to protect ballistic missiles.…show more content…
Therefore, the most important mission of THAAD is protecting the nations against short-range targets. However, there are many drawbacks to THAAD and this problems make people to stop the allocating the THAAD in South Korea. I have lots of interests of this issue because one of my dreams is politician and I am president of politician club in MCH. Surely, I have lots of interests in other topics but the military issue is most important in our society and its significance is bigger than other social pending questions. I read many books and article about a THAAD and I heard different opinion of this topic to many experiments and my friends, I try to think many aspects and know certainly and finally, considering the whole perspectives, I think South Korea should not distribute THAAD in their
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