Argumentative Essay On Nutritional Supplements

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Jonathan Woolbright
Mrs. Coffin
English 98
10 May 2016
Argumentative Essay (Rough Draft)
Nutritional Supplements With the ever-growing community of fitness enthusiasts and athletes, the use of nutritional supplements has been on a steady rise with no sign of slowing down. Every day, people are realizing that a healthy life style is a great way to prevent future health problems and control the existing health problems they may already have. As a result, people are constantly resorting to nutritional supplements in an attempt to achieve the physique they are aiming for in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, many people fail to do an adequate amount of research on the subject and do not consult with their doctor before consuming many of
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Nutritional or dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, protein and any other sports nutrition product used to boost the nutritional content of a diet. Many athletes and gym goers take massive amounts of vitamins with the idea that the extra nutrients will help them with muscle recovery, when in reality many of their daily vitamins can come from a well-balanced diet. As Ron J. Maughan, writer in the Journal of Sports Sciences, stated that, “Vitamin and mineral supplements are unnecessary if the energy intake is sufficient to maintain body weight and derives from a diet with an adequate variety of foods” (Ron Maughan, "Dietary Supplements"). For the average gym rat, vitamin supplements are an unnecessary investment. Most people can get away with eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly without hurting their athletic performance. There are even instances where taking too much of a certain vitamin can produce negative results. The human body can only process so much at a time and high levels of certain vitamins can produce unwanted side effects. In fact, some studies show that supplements can hinder performance and may even hurt the body. As the research article titled “Proposal of a Nutritional
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