Argumentative Essay On Obama Care

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Healthcare costs in the United States are constantly rising straining the budgets of families and employers. As a result of the rising healthcare costs, insurance premium rates have been also increased. The premiums rates are increasing more rapidly than income which is part of the reason why Americans aren’t able to have access to affordable health insurance. Although the Affordable Care Act has been passed, there are many people still uninsured. The purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to improve the quality of care, provide more Americans with access to affordable insurance, and minimize healthcare spending in the United States. Health insurance premiums aren’t controlled, they are just supported based on income, but cost sharing and benefits are controlled by the ACA (What is ObamaCare | What is the Affordable Care Act?, n.d.). The major cause of the insurance premium rate increases under the Affordable Care Act is the requisite for insurers to cover high-risk consumers. Research shows that premiums seeing average rise in premium growth of only 4% in 2015. Everyone isn’t expected to see rates go down or stay the same because the cost of insurance premiums vary by the region. Insurance industry profits are not a significant driver of…show more content…
Most of the changes consisted of delays. One of the major delays was made in 2013 which was a one year delay in requiring firms with over 50 workers to provide insurance. This delay was set in place because the needed systems were not in place for these changed to be implemented (Greenberg, n.d.). Another important change was a policy change to allow consumers to get federal subsidies if they purchase health plans outside the new insurance marketplaces, to avoid people from being left without coverage because several state ran exchanges are still suffering from technical faults
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