Argumentative Essay On Online Banking

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Online banking is another word for internet banking, after the increasing technology in this world, almost everything became much easier to do and complete. Banking is one of them as people do not have to go to the banks anymore to do what they want as everything can be done at the house by just needing an internet connection and a laptop or computer. Online banking gives an opportunity for someone to manage his accounts by selecting different activities like make new payments, inquire regarding current balances, register for a credit card account and apply for loans on the spot. Despite the benefits of using the bank online, the only thing that scares away the people is due to the security of the internet and this is the reason why customers are afraid of losing their money because of it. Stealing data is a very common thing nowadays but it comes to the customer decision to take the risk or not. However, is it worth the risk to bank online and is it…show more content…
Banking online is a secure application, if the user is ready to take his time when browsing and able to have programs that protect the computer then he should be safe and have nothing to worry about. It’s mostly in the users hand as if you are able to provide the required security in place as you run the risk. There are so many programs that can be used to protect your own data, one of them is to have a firewall. A firewall is a program that protects you from the attack of hackers, it protects the computer from unauthorized access. “Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation” (2016) explained that everyone can be safe when using the internet and avoid scams, but they need to be careful that the online bank that they are using is legitimate and their deposits are covered by insurance and take time to read the key information that is posted by the bank in their
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