Appropriate Observation

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Introduction Since I have become a secondary student, I started the habit of working at midnight and going to bed late. Notably, I usually burn the midnight oil to deal with the exam in next month and the assignment which has to be handed in 2 weeks later. There is not a dire need for me to stay up late as there will be ample time for me to do them. However, I always stay up late till 4a.m. Impacts
This habit disturbs my daily life in terms of ability of concentrating in class and waking up late. I am being late for secondary schools and having black marks and missed the lessons at 9a.m. in HKCC. Even I am punctual for my lesson, I could hardly concentrate on them and fall asleep easily. This hinders my learning process which I have to
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By observational learning, I paid attention to my model’s behavior and stored it in memory. With benefits to me, I have motivation to imitate the behavior(Ciccarelli & White, 2014). As my parents are successful, prominent professional accountants. They work around the clock to demonstrate their competence and diligence. They usually have dinner at 11 o’clock and bring their work back home to deal with it. This kind of behavior has caught my attention and I kept this in my memory. As a secondary school student, in face of DSE exam, I would like to be viewed as a competence, diligence student which is my motivation. To achieve this aim, imitation occurs. I tend to work at midnight to do past paper and mock paper to act like my parents to gain approval from parents, peers, and…show more content…
With repeated punishment, behavior drops in frequency and this is a kind of learning which can be relatively permanent(Ciccarelli & White, 2014).As I like listening to music with my speaker during revision, I decided to ask my mother to hide my speaker if I stay up late. This weakens the operant response for me to stay up late by removing a stimulus (the speaker) that is indispensable for me. As a result, with repeated punishment, the frequency of staying up late reduced.

The solution is to quit consuming drinks with caffeine. I have a habit of drinking 1 bottle of Lucozade which contains caffeine daily in the evening to keep me awake. The outcome is that I will become fatigue easily at midnight. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, I have to fulfil the lowest need, the physiological need before I fulfil my need in the esteem level, to become a successful student , and only one need will dominate at a time(Ciccarelli & White, 2014). As a result, I lack a basic biological requirement, sleeping, a drive is created as I feel fatigue. According to Drive-Reduction Theory, to fulfil the biological needs for survival, I will sleep
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