Argumentative Essay On Organic Food

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Although people think organic foods are a waste of money, organic foods avoid chemicals. Instead of chemicals, organic food contains fruits, along with nutrients which provide a better taste. Organic foods can lead to a better and healthy environment. Therefore organic foods are the way to go. Although expensive, organic foods stand out as the healthiest and most nutritious and benefit the environment. Do people know that “At least 60 percent of organic produce contains more nutrients than conventionally grown produce” (Smith et al. 3)? What most likely reduces help issues is fruits that contain proteins, along with vegetables. Organic foods also “help against pregnant women to avoid meat and dairy contaminated with hormones, antibiotics, and drugs” (Loux 1). Organic foods contain certain percentages in each product. Scientists show “that plants produce a broader array of phytochemicals for protection to avoid stress” (Smith et al. 2). If Organic foods contain fruits, vegetable, and avoids chemicals so why not pay more. “Although each of these increases the cost of organic food, consumers should also calculate the potential health problems caused from eating conventional agricultural products” (Johnson 1). Stores worldwide make organic foods more affordable; “ in reality the poor actually consider organic food more important than the rich, according to top researches-and organic isn’t a “select” phenomenon at all” (McMillan 1). The prices of organic

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