Argumentative Essay On Organic Food

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There’s not much scientific evidence that organic food is safer than the traditional food, as conducting such studies is not that easy. Even then the studies done were not really in humans. The one difference though is in the antioxidants but doesn’t prove that human health improves due to more anti-oxidant properties in organic food. While organics have become more desirable by the consumers, but at the same time, it doesn’t hold more nutritional value as oppose to non-organic food. There is one difference in the making of organic food; that is, the chemicals etc. being used in the traditional foods, but not in organics, but then those chemicals used in the traditional foods are said to be safe for human health. People are beginning to realize as the demand for food has increased with the population growth, so has the use of chemicals fertilizers antibiotics and hormones by farmers and livestock growers. The consumption of produce and meat, grown with the use of these means has led to the increase more diseases and cancers. People are beginning to believe that the only way to have a healthy life is by eating foods that are free of toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic hormones or antibiotics. As this organic movement and industry is new, though steadily growing the cost of these organic foods is high which makes them unaffordable for an average person. What do organics tell us about our culture? The increasing, widespread desire for organics in our culture

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