Argumentative Essay On Palliative Care

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A proper medical care is needed by all individual whether they are in good medical condition or not. People should not wait to develop serious medical conditions before visiting the medical centers. Most people live with condition without cure called “terminal illnesses. However, these people can prolong their lives through the use of special medication called Palliative. Palliative care as a type of care relieves the patient from symptoms, pain and stress related to serious illnesses. A team of specialists and care providers provide palliative care in an aim to control, improve patient quality of live and increase the functional and decision making among the patients (Medline).

Palliative care seeks to attain personal satisfaction for both the patient and his or her family. Reduction of suffering, improvement of the patient quality of life and helping the patient and his/her family in decision making is the purpose of palliative care. Some of the issue that are addressed by the palliative care team include releasing the pain of physical sickness, addressing emotional stress as well as the financial concerns of the affected patients so
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It should be emphasized that there are no limits on the time that palliative care can be received. Treatment can be offered to patients in need of comfort during the different stages of terminal and aggressive diseases. Hospice care is different from palliative care in the sense that it is more focused on ensuring the comfort of patients rather than fighting the aggressive diseases. Eligibility for a hospice program requires that one with incurable disease on within six months of death. Ann Villet-Lagomarsino explains that hospice programs cover all medical expenses unlike palliative care that is covered by the regular medical

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