Argumentative Essay On Peaceful Resistance

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Peaceful Resistance no matter what way you look at it, it 's still going against someone whether it involves words or actions, resistance still causes more conflict. The last 5 years we have had people say they want change through these “peaceful protest” but these peaceful protests have done nothing but turn to violent riots were theirs damage to vehicles, business families rely on destroyed, bystanders hurt, officers killed and our country torn apart. Back when Martian Luther King Jr was around and he had his Peaceful Resistance or rallies for equality, they were peaceful and brought our country together with something that needed to be changed, but the protest we’ve had the last 5 years… he would be ashamed of. Peaceful Resistance to laws does negatively impact our free society in America. First going along with what I said about there being “peaceful rallies” even though some people may be at these rallies to make a difference to support their opinion, not everyone can respect that. Rallies may start off peaceful but others who may agree with those protesting don’t always do it peacefully this causes riots and looting, which is the farthest thing from peaceful. There is a fine line from marching down the streets peacefully and making your opinion know like Martin Luther King Jr did in 1965, in Alabama to help fight for the right of African-Americans to vote. Then someone saying it’s okay to loot and destroy cars and stores because they are expressing their opinion.
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