Argumentative Essay On Pediatric Care

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Over time, research have shown that children are exposed to many encountering diseases, illnesses, and injuries. Intedning to a healthy child can be difficult sometimes, which is why pediatric care is needed. The study of medicine has evolved for centuries, creating new diagnosis and treatments. Pediatrics and other medical specialists are able to do this by the help of technology and tests.
The remarkable study of stem cells haa been improved over the past thirty years. Stem cells are new repairing cells that can specialize into different functions, for example, a stem cell can turn into a red or white blood cell and enact their particular role in the body. A source from Genome Research Limited state, “ Stem cells are pluripotent, which means they can change into any cell in the body.” Referring from the quote, stem cells are able to create new cells, organs, and tissues. Researchers are able to record and collect data based off how the cells operate and their reaction to different diseases. Stem cells is becoming an innovation in the medical field due to the new technology. Now, pediatrics are able to transplant stem cells within the age groups of teens and adolescents. Before
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Stem cells are important because our bodies produce them. They are able to help researches on how certain cells such as red or white blood cells react to certain disease. In multiple occasions, such as help curing certain cancers such as leukemia. Reproducing great amounts of red and white blood cells that were destroyed in the patient. The cells can also alter into skin cells which can help patients who have skin problems such as bruns. The discovery of stem cells is exposing on how the body can be modified and renewed. Now, with upgraded technology, stem cells can become a life changing experiment that can benefit human

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