Argumentative Essay On Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance-Enhancing Drugs Imagine a good friend past away after running an olympic race. Then later you found out his death was due to performance enhancing drugs. This is why Performance Enhancing Drugs should not be used. These drugs are unfair to other athletes. These drugs can be abused by students, and for that reason drug testing should be more intensive. During a sport all the athletes are required to do drug testing, whether or not they have drugs in their system. These athletes take a urine test which is then sent to a lab. Although that is very effective, some drugs do not show up in the urine like alcohol, oxycodone, methadone to name a few. If sport teams do both urine and blood testing, they could rule out more…show more content…
Many athletes in hindsight have attributed to this fact. Several Doctors have also stated this fact. One example is Lyle Alzado. Lyle was an NFL football defensive lineman who played for the Oakland Raiders. Lyle started using massive quantities of steroids when he was in college and continued to use them throughout his professional career. Lyle pasted away at the age of 43 because of brain cancer. he said “he believed his heavy use of anabolic steroids caused the rare cancer.”(Tom Robinson 61) Even when Lyle retired from the NFL he could not control his addiction to steroids and continued to use them. It took him years to overcome this addiction. In conclusion, Performance Enhancing Drugs should not be tolerated in any sport, whether professional or amatuer. These drugs are highly dangerous and even lethal to all athletes who use them. It is also unfair to athletes who choose not to use these drugs, as they are performing on their hard work and talent and not relying on an “edge” to help them reach their goals. These drugs are highly addictive, just like any other street drug or alcohol and can be fatal in many cases. Therefore these drugs should not be used. We can stop this if we work together, so will you help
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