Perpetual Motion In Physics

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Introduction Perpetual motion can be described as the motion of a body which continues its motion forever once it starts a motion without requiring additional energy to aid it. these type of devices are impossible as the violate a large number of basic concepts. The question about the perpetual motion machine is something that attracts people who tend to believe in pseudoscience. As a result, ideas are adopted which are neither been manufactured nor have functioned. Usually the fundamental laws of physics are ignored and surely they are not the researchers who have the knowledge to improve the laws. On the other hand it must be stated that it is not always easy to be proved theoretically that it is impossible for a manufactured item to function…show more content…
Free energy is a concept that when enhanced can lead to lots of new opportunities. Perpetual energy is the energy generated by the constant infinite motion of a body. this type of an energy would be highly effective but such generators do not exist as they defy the laws such as law of conservation of mass., but perpetual motion generators of the order of 80 -90 % may be possible. Maybe a supercooled motor in vacuum may increase the energy to 95 %. Due to supercool, there would be very less friction and rest of the friction could be reduced by the vacuum. These generators may be able to be the future of energy. In order to constantly generate energy, the source needs to be renewable or else the conversion of energy will not take place. Hence the source of the energy should be renewable and overcome obstacles like energy leak. In our current state we use up a lot of non-renewable sources that not only harm the environment, but also harm us. The fuels such as petrol leave out unwanted gasses like NO2 and CO2 which harm us. Definition of perpetual energy generators FIRST KIND OF PERPETUAL ENERGY GENRATORS These kind of machines work perpetually without the application of any applied external force and are not subjected to any disintegration of their parts with respect…show more content…
SECOND KIND OF PERPETUAL ENERGY Every machines that coverts total heat energy to an another form of energy without any energy leak THIRD KIND OF PERPETUAL ENERGY GENRATORS Same as the first kind but without producing any work such as the solar orbits or nuclei and electrons orbit Efficiency of the perpetual energy generators According to the law of thermodynamics Q= ∆U + W Q is energy as
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