Argumentative Essay On Persepolis

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Persepolis Argumentative Essay “If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.”, (Alfie Kohn). In Persepolis, Mariji’s parents create a safe and free environment within their household to allow her to express herself freely. While she is growing up, she understands the meaning of the revolution through stories, books, and personal events because they provide her with knowledge and can affect her in the future. Some people might say, that her parents are not creating a particularly safe environment, because if the government were to discern their western actions, Marijis family would be punished for going against the extremists values, yet this is incorrect because her parents are upbringing Mariji to be a respectful and intelligent woman within western values.…show more content…
In chapter Kim Wilde, her parents come back from Turkey and smuggle a few western objects through the Iranian border for Mariji. Many of these belongings are strictly forbidden in Iran, but her parents allow herself to still indulge in them and wear them proudly on the streets, showing how lenient they can be towards the upbringing of Mariji. On one of Mariji’s strolls to buy tapes, the Women of the Revolution see Mariji acting as if she was American and stop her. These women are restricting Mariji’s style and many of other girls, in contrast, of her family living a modern western life and accepting western ideals. During the final moment with her family when she is leaving, her parents trust she has been raised correctly to be an incredible and respectful women even without them in another
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