Why Is Physician Assisted Suicide Morally Wrong

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Life is a story full of chapters where we experience trials and tribulations in so many ways. As we may already be aware of, humans do not live forever. Life comes to an ending that is inevitable. Death is a difficult part of life to grasp. Furthermore, people have no control of how the end of life will take place. Some suffer more than others, people experience death differently due to different causes of death. Moreover, in health care, physicians experience difficult situations that require ethical decisions. Patients at the end of life process do not always have the capability to make decisions for themselves. The burden to make medical decisions is left to families and physician’s. Some cases are so intense, because patients voluntarily request assisted suicide. More specifically, physician assisted suicide with the means to end his or her life causing death. Physician assisted suicide raises arguments, of what is morally right or wrong. Although physician assisted suicide raises concerns, both…show more content…
It is recognizable that assisted suicide goes against human nature. Physician assisted suicide is judged morally wrong because every human is inclined to continue living. In the event that a terminally ill patient cannot be cured, palliative sedation is an option. According Boudreau, “we believe that the art of healing should always remain at the core of medical practice…sedation is morally acceptable to avoid severe pain…sedation achieves a humane and compassionate period for the patient, caregivers, and family without precipitating important concerns about slippery slopes”. Healthcare facilities have to comply with the rules and regulations. Physician assisted suicide is against the law in California. It is legal in four states in the United States. However, every alternative should be measured before making a decision to end life under any

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